Increase Quality of Hire with Three Talent Acquisition Options

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Talent acquisition is the first step we make in investing in our people. It’s the largest expense for most companies. A bad choice during talent acquisition can cost a staggering number of dollars.

From the superficial interviewing of most hiring managers to the well-oiled process of hiring an airline pilot, significant improvements and savings are available.

From the superficial interviewing of most hiring managers to the well-oiled process of hiring an airline pilot, significant improvements and savings are available.

Interviewing & Selecting Airline Pilots

Talent acquisition in the airline industry is crucial when it comes to hiring pilots. Airline pilots make potentially life and death decisions in a split second. As the pilots of the baby boomer age retire, airlines are looking for their replacements.

Airline pilot interviewers are highly trained. They follow a structured process designed to help them achieve the best decision 100% of the time. But, we all know that’s not possible. Imagine the advantage of even a 1 to 2 percent improvement in the selection process.

Pilots and recruiters interview their candidates. The questions they have and the way that they are asked are designed to narrow the field so only the most qualified applicant moves onto the flight simulator portion of the interview. There are now cloud-based selection tools that give these interviewers an edge over those with competing airlines. Substantial savings are realized when only the best candidates are selected to move on.

Each step that a candidate takes down the interview path to become an airline pilot gets more and more costly. A perfect example of this is when the candidate moves to the flight simulator. Putting a candidate through the flight simulator can cost the airline in two ways.

First is the obvious cost of the time on the simulator. But, the hidden cost may be that of the great candidate who didn’t make the cut to get to the simulator because a less worthy candidate took their place.

We have to “hope” that the less qualified candidate gets weeded out before they are offered a job.

Interviewing & Selecting Sales Professionals

The recruiter, sales manager, and fellow salespeople interview candidates for sales positions. As you might expect, these interviewers may be less trained than the pilots mentioned above. Naively, many of these interviewers are winging it (pun intended). They ask the questions that pop into their mind and try to be as professional as possible.

Imagine if the interviewer had a software tool on their tablet or phone with the best behavioral interview questions for sales positions that enabled them to interview as well as the airlines. Asking these questions leaves the interviewer with a much clearer picture of the capabilities of the candidate.

Hiring the wrong sales person may not be a life or death situation but the costs can be massive. There are the obvious costs of their salary, their benefits, the office overhead, supporting equipment and services. Add to that the cost of a sales person negatively affecting the image of your brand with the customers and prospects they interact with. And, the most expensive cost may be the lost sales in their territory for the months they are on probation and while you are looking for their replacement.

Think about it, the decision to hire someone that may cost 100’s of thousands of dollars is trusted to an interviewer who is winging it.

Frontline Managers Interviewing and Selecting New Employees

The recruiter, hiring manager and other frontline managers interview candidates. And, these interviewers are often even less trained than the sales interviewers mentioned above. Just knowing how to conduct an interview is the first hurdle.

Should frontline managers receive more interview training? Realistically, it’s not practical to give interviewers the training we’d like.

Alternatives to Training

There are alternatives to training.

A common solution to improving the quality of interviewing is to print laminated “cheat sheets” with basic “Do’s” and “Don’ts” that each interviewer can review prior to each interview.

Another solution is for the recruiter or hiring manager to email interview questions to each interview. (For this solution, it’s important to ensure the questions covers the competencies or skills most important to that position.)

The third, and quite possibly the best, solution is a cloud-based application that incorporates the best of the other alternatives while automating the labor-intensive parts of the tasks.

This third solution, the Talentron app, solves at least four major problems.

1. It provides rapid growth companies a tool that helps them scale quality hiring as quickly as they need.

2. Gives new hiring managers with no hiring experience a simple tool guiding them through how to conduct a high-quality interview. No longer do they have to just wing it.

3. Facilitates timely feedback to recruiters and hiring managers. It save them precious time wasted chasing interviewers for feedback.

4. Helps deploy behavioral interviewing in those organizations wanting to move in that direction.

The Payoff is in the Quality of Hire

Such cloud-based solutions make our best interviewers better. The best interviewers may say they don’t need it. This is the same as someone with an old flip phone saying they don’t need a smartphone. And they are correct. Just like with a smartphone, once we use it we become much more efficient. Then we wouldn’t go back to the old way. Cloud-based solutions makes them more efficient by automating things they did manually before. This frees them to focus on better understanding the candidate at a much deeper level.

No longer do they need to worry about knowing how to tell if someone is lying. With behavioral questions it is virtually impossible for someone to lie to you.

As cloud-based solutions are used by those with less interview training and experience the value increases exponentially. Without cloud-based solutions they are winging it and making up their own questions. Now they get the instant the best behavioral interview questions and a simple structure to complete the interview and the candidate assessment. No longer are managers so afraid of hiring the wrong person. As a result, employer branding is maximized.

Both the experienced interviewer and the novice will complete the candidate assessment with a feeling of having done the best job they possibly could. Isn’t that what we all want?!

Take the guesswork out of your hiring process by using behavioral questions. Download your free trial of Talentron by clicking here, or try out our free list of behavioral questions, designed for sales, by clicking on the button below.

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